Silicon-carbon alloy is a new type of alloy for converters. It is a new metallurgical material that has undergone rapid development in the metallurgical industry. Its price is cheaper than traditional metallurgical materials, but it can replace traditional alloy products, such as ferrosilicon and silicon carbide. , Recarburizer and other products used in the converter smelting deoxidation alloying process; Customers often use silicon carbon alloy 6515 and 6818.



Advantages of silicon carbon alloy:


1. The advantages of silicon-carbon alloy deoxidation

Silicon-carbon alloy contains silicon elements. After the silicon-carbon alloy is added to the steelmaking process, the silicon element interacts with oxygen to deoxidize the oxygen in the molten steel to improve the hardness and quality of the steel. The silicon element in the silicon-carbon alloy and the Oxygen have a good affinity, so molten steel still has the characteristic of not splashing after being put into it.


2. The advantages of slag collection of silicon carbon alloy

Silicon-carbon alloy also has the advantage of slag collection. Putting a certain proportion of silicon-carbon alloy into molten steel can make the oxides in the steelmaking process agglomerate quickly, facilitate filtering treatment, make the molten steel pure, and greatly increase the density and hardness of the steel.


3. The advantages of silicon-carbon alloys to increase furnace temperature

Silicon-carbon alloy is a good temperature-resistant material. Putting silicon-carbon alloy in the process of steelmaking can increase the furnace temperature, increase the conversion rate of ferroalloy, and accelerate the reaction speed of molten steel and elements.


4. Silicon carbon alloy allows many manufacturers to save costs

Today, when ferroalloy materials are more expensive, silicon-carbon alloy is a new type of metallurgical material because its price is lower than that of traditional metallurgical materials, so it is favored by many manufacturers. Silicon-carbon alloy can replace expensive metallurgical materials such as ferrosilicon and achieve unexpected results. Satisfactory results, so the use of silicon-carbon alloy can save the cost of the manufacturer and increase the profit;





Si Si C Al S P
1 》65% 》18% 〈1% 《0.05% 《0.05%
2 》60% 》15% 〈1% 《0.05% 《0.05%
3 》65% 〈5% 〈1% 《0.05% 《0.05%
4 》60% 〈5% 〈1% 《0.05% 《0.05%



  • Silicon carbon alloy 6515/6818

  • Size: 0-10mm, 10-100mm or as client’s requirement
  • Packing: (1)25Kg/bag, 1MT/bag  (2) according to client’s requirements