Silicon Metal Si Metal Lumps is a very common element on earth, and it is very active with oxygen. Silicon is a grey metallically lustrous metalloid element,  the pure silicon is produced by electric furnaces from quartz ore and coke, also known as silicon metal. Generally, the purity of silicon metal is above 98% and it has alternative names as metal silicon or industrial silicon.

Silicon Metal Si Metal Lumps is a very common element on earth, and it is very active with oxygen. Silicon is a grey metallically lustrous metalloid element,  the pure silicon is produced by electric furnaces from quartz ore and coke, also known as silicon metal. Generally, the purity of silicon metal is above 98% and it has alternative names as metal silicon or industrial silicon. Meanwhile, the impurities are mainly iron, aluminum, and calcium. So the main application of it is as a non-ferrous alloy's additive.


Silicon metal is a widely-used deoxidizer in metallurgy like aluminum alloy and the production of poly-silicon, single-crystal silicon. , it is also a material of semiconductor, heat-resisting material, light-guide fiber, organosilicon, etc. In addition, silicon products are extensively used in aerospace, electronics, architecture, transportation, energy, chemical, textile, food, medical, agriculture, and many other industries.  


Silicon Metal

Product: Silicon Metal

Model: 2202, 3303, 441, 421, 551, 553, off-Grade

Application: Aluminum Alloy, Silicone, Polysilicon

Size: 10-100mm, 10-50mm, Grains, Powders

Packing: Jumbo bags





  1. In aluminum alloy production it can increase the fluidity of the high-temperature metal liquid and decrease the shrinking and hot-cracking tendency.
  2. It is useful in the production of organic silicon chemicals, such as silicone oils, silicone rubber, and light-guide fiber. Moreover, Silicon helps to increase the heat resistance, electrical insulation, and corrosion resistance of the products.
  3. Silicon is a very good deoxidizer in the steel-making and casting industry, so silicon metal is an alloying agent in many ferroalloys such as FeSi, SiMn, SiCa, etc.