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Silicon Slag

Silicon Slag is a by-product of silicon metal production. It contains a large content of silicon and impurities of other elements. Some of the silicon content are elemental and some are silicon oxide.


Silicon Slag is a by-product of silicon metal production. It contains a large content of silicon and impurities of other elements. Some of the silicon content are elemental and some are silicon oxide.


Silicon Slag or Briquette is a good deoxidizer in molten steel deoxidization, meanwhile, it can also purify the liquid steel. For its low price and good effect, steel mills use it as a substitute for ferrosilicon. Regular sizes are powder at 0-5 or 0-10 mm. It can also be used to reproduce silicon metal or trichlorosilane.


Silicon Briquette is made from silicon slag powder, they are with similar features and applications. It can be produced in different sizes, and the content can be adjusted according to requirements. Meanwhile, the briquette shape also provides better melting speed in liquid steel or iron.


Silicon Slag

Product: Silicon Slag, Si Residue

Model:  Si45, Si50, Si55, Si60, Si65

Application: Deoxidizer for Steelmaking and Iron Casting

Size: Lumps, Briquettes, Grains, Powders

Packing: Jumbo bags






Si Slag or Si Briquette is much cheaper than ferrosilicon or other deoxidizers. It will significantly reduce the production cost;


Not like the other standard products, the chemical composition of Si Slag or Briquette is adjustable according to the customers' requirements. So does the sizing.


Silicon Slag and Silicon Briquette are not classified into silicon metal or ferro-silicon. So there’s no import duty or anti-dumping duty against it. So it is easier for importers to handle in certain regions.