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Alloy Cored Wire

Alloy cored wire used for steelmaking and casting can change the shape of inclusions, and improve castability and mechanical properties, what is more, it can significantly improve the yield of ferroalloy and reduce the cost, less environmental pollution, and small quantity of additives, the economic effect is significant.


The cored wire is also called alloy cored wire. It is to crush various additives (Deoxidizer, desulfurized, modifier, alloy, etc.) that need to be added in molten steel or molten iron into certain particle sizes, and then wrap them with cold-rolled low-carbon steel strips to make composite long wires of various diameters. It is often packed in a steel cage in the form of horizontal packaging. The hot-selling alloy cored wire products produced by ZX mainly include pure calcium cored wirecalcium silicate cored wireiron calcium cored wire, etc.


Use Of Alloy Cored Wire


With the continuous development of the steelmaking industry, the output of high-quality alloy steel and various steel has increased substantially, the continuous casting ratio has gradually increased, and the continuous improvement of the refining technology outside the furnace has promoted the successful development of alloy cored wire technology. Judging from the production data for many years, the method of feeding the alloy cored wire into the molten steel through the wire feeding equipment has greater advantages than the method of powder spraying and directly adding the alloy block.



The alloy cored wire technology is an advanced method of refining outside the furnace, which is suitable for steelmaking and foundry industries. The use of alloy-cored wire can more effectively add smelting materials to molten steel or molten iron in the steelmaking or casting process, and the alloy-cored wire can be inserted into the ideal position through professional wire-feeding equipment. When the skin of the alloy cored wire is melted, the alloy core can be fully dissolved in the ideal position and a chemical reaction can occur. This method can effectively avoid unnecessary reactions between the alloy, air and slag, thereby increasing the absorption rate of smelting materials. Alloy cored wires are widely used as deoxidizers, desulfurizers and alloy additives in steelmaking and casting processes, which can change the shape of molten steel inclusions and effectively improve the quality of steelmaking casting products.



Alloy Cored Wire Type Diameter Filling rate Specification
CaSi Cored Wire 9mm/13mm/16mm 120/225/330 Ca:30%min Si:55%min Al:1.5%max
S:0.06%max C:1.0%max Fe:4%max
CaFe Cored Wire 9mm/13mm/16mm 140/260/360 Ca:30%min Fe:68%min Al:0.8%max
C Cored Wire 9mm/13mm/16mm 55/140/210 C:98.5%min Ash:0.45%max V:0.4%max
S:0.5%max H2O:0.3%max P:0.2%max
Pure Ca Cored Wire 9mm/13mm 58/155 Ca:98.5%min Mg:0.5%max Al:0.5%max
Solid Ca Cored Wire 9mm/10mm 9mm/10mm Ca:98.5%min Mg:0.5%max Al:0.5%max
FeS Cored Wire 9mm/13mm 220/370 S:48%min Pb:0.1%max Zn:0.1%max
As:0.1%max Fe:43%-45% Cu:0.05%max
Moisture:0.5%max SiO2:2.5%max
CaAlFe Cored Wire 9mm/13mm 130/230 Ca:40% Fe:30% Al:30%
Pure Mg Cored Wire 9mm/13mm 80/170 Mg:99%min
SiBaCa Cored Wire 9mm/13mm 110/260 Si:40%-50% Ba:10%-20% Ca:20%-30%
FeSi Cored Wire 9mm/13mm 150/350 Si:75%min Fe:Balance



Alloy Cored Wire Production Process



1. Raw material preparation



Steel strip, as the outer skin of the alloy cored wire, is made of cold-rolled low carbon steel. The width of the steel strip varies according to the diameter of the alloy cored wire (9-16mm). The thickness of the steel strip is generally between 0.2-1.0mm.



Inner package raw materials. According to the type of cored wire, the alloy raw material that needs to be wrapped in the skin is crushed into the required particle size. Such as calcium powder in pure calcium cored wire, silicon calcium powder in calcium silicate cored wire, carbon powder in carbon cored wire, etc.



2. Raw material mixing



The raw materials needed in the alloy cored wire are uniformly mixed according to a certain ratio.



3. Crimping and biting synthetic forming



In the production process of alloy cored wire, the raw materials and steel strips are formed into a shape by crimping and biting synthetic in the cored wire machine.



4. Wound into a coil



The formed alloy cored wire is wound into coils in batches, and then the finished alloy cored wire is obtained.