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Silicon Manganese

Silicon manganese is a kind of ferroalloy product, which is mainly composed of Si, Mn, and C chemical elements. According to the content of two elements, Si and Mn, silicon manganese can be divided into two main grades, silicon manganese 6517#, and silicon manganese 6014#.


What Is Silicon Manganese?

Silicon manganese is a kind of ferroalloy product, which is mainly composed of Si, Mn, and C chemical elements. According to the content of two elements, Si and Mn, silicon manganese can be divided into two main grades, silicon manganese 6517#, and silicon manganese 6014#. To make silicon manganese more widely used, we provide customized silicon manganese production services to help users use the correct grade of silicon manganese, which significantly reduces users' production costs. Silicon manganese is mainly used in steel making, it is a good deoxidizer and can improve various properties of steel at the same time. Silicon manganese is added to the manganese steel and low-carbon steel that we know well, therefore, silicon manganese is used a lot in steel making.


Silicon Manganese? What Is The Silicon Manganese?

How To Produce Silicon Manganese?

The production method of silicon manganese is mainly based on the electric heating method, and raw materials need to be prepared before manufacturing. Manganese ore is one of the most important raw materials for producing silicon manganese, in addition to semi-coke and quartz stone, which are also important raw materials for silicon manganese. The electric furnace is used to heat the raw materials to form the silicon manganese alloy solution. The semi-coke mainly plays a reducing role in the production process, reducing the manganese in the manganese ore and the silicon in the quartz stone, and generating a chemical reaction to form the silicon manganese solution, during the production period, the change of temperature and the time of discharging are strictly controlled, to improve the purity and quality of silicon manganese.

Specification Of Silicon Manganese

Grade Mn Si P S C
Min(%) Max(%)
Silicon Manganese 6517# 65 17 0.25 0.04 2.5
Silicon Manganese 6014# 60 14 0.3 0.05 2.5
Asperyourrequirement, Size: 10-50mm

Uses Of Silicon Manganese

  • 1. silicon manganese has a good deoxidizing effect in steel making.
  • 2. silicon manganese can improve the toughness and hardness of steel.
  • 3. silicon manganese is an important raw material for silicon steel and low-carbon steel.
  • 4. improve the inclusions in the steel to reduce impurities and thus improve the purity.
  • 5. Used in the smelting of low-carbon ferro manganese.

Advantages Of Silicon Manganese

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