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Silicon Strontium Inoculant

Silicon Strontium (SiSr) Inoculant is a kind of inoculant based on ferrosilicon. It is mainly used as casting inoculant and is the most effective element to promote inoculation.



Ferro Silicon Strontium Inoculants are mainly used as casting inoculants, strontium in ferrosilicon inoculant is one of the most effective promotion elements, when large undercooling degree, strontium has a special function, to reduce the number of eutectic groups can reduce shrinkage, shrinkage defects of casting.




Ferro Silicon strontium inoculants suitable for thin-walled or chilled sweet ash high sulfur cast has strong ink capabilities, but also for the ductile iron ball to increase the number of ink, especially high corrosion resistance of nickel ductile iron (containing Ni14%, Cu6 %, Cr2%, Si1.5%) in addition since it reduces white without significantly increasing the number of eutectics, especially for applications that require no casting dense loose, the water pressure resistance gray cast to good effect, strong ink and carbon Si-Ca of molten inoculant different allowable temperature is low, and calcium, the amount of aluminum is low, less shaped residue, no vacuum casting defects.




Size: 0.2-0.8mm; 0.5-2mm; 1-10mm; 3-10mm; etc

The specification, packaging, and granular size can be produced according to customer demand.