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Silicon Barium inoculant

Silicon Barium inoculant (SiBa inoculant ) has many advantages and can be used in metallurgy, the machinery industry, additives of iron, steel, and non-ferrous metals and alloying agents, parathion, reduction and degassing and purification to improve the mechanical properties and application of materials, SiBa inoculant Reduce the high manganese slag steelmaking process to improve mechanical properties and grain refinement.



FeSiBa inoculant is an additive in the foundry process. It can promote graphitization, reduce the tendency of chill, improve the morphology and distribution of graphite, increase the number of eutectic groups, and refine the matrix structure. It has a good effect in a short time (about 5-8 minutes) after inoculation.


For gray iron castings, the main function of inoculation is to promote graphitization, reduce the tendency of white mouth, increase the number of eutectic groups, and promote the formation of A-type graphite and fine pearlite. For ductile cast iron, the main function of inoculation treatment is to promote the evolution of graphite, improve the inhibition of eutectic permeability, and increase the number of graphite balls per unit area The results show that the microstructure of ductile cast iron is more uniform and the plasticity and toughness of ductile iron are improved.


Product Description

Ferrosilicon barium inoculant is an alloy with mainly iron, silicon, and barium elements. It can promote graphitization, reduce the tendency of white mouth, and improve the morphology and distribution of graphite.


ferro silicon barium inoculant grain



Ba: 1-2%,Ca 1-2%,Si 60-70%,Al 1-2%

Ba: 4-6%,Ca 1-2%,Si 65-70%,Al 1-2%

Ba: 2% – 5%, CA: 1.5%, Si: 68% – 72%

The main functions of BRIGHT ALLOYS ferrosilicon barium inoculant:

1. It can increase the graphitization core and refine graphite, promote A-type graphite in gray iron castings, and improve strength. For nodular iron castings, graphite in nodular iron can be fine and round, and spheroidizing grade can be improved.

2. It can effectively reduce the undercooling degree of hot metal, promote the precipitation of graphite, significantly reduce the tendency of chill, reduce the relative hardness, and improve the machinability of castings.

3. The anti-fading ability is strong. The anti-fading time is twice as long as that of 75 Si. The additional amount of FeSiBa inoculant is less than half of 75 FeSi inoculant, and the associated spheroidizing degradation is prevented.

4. The sensitivity of wall thickness is small, which can improve the uniformity of the section and reduce the tendency of shrinkage porosity.

5. The chemical composition is stable, the processing granularity is uniform, and the deviation of composition and quality is small.

6. The melting point is low (below 1300 ℃), which is easy to absorb and melt during inoculation, and there is very little scum.


in Sizes and usage:

0-3mm,0.2-0.8mm,3-8mm,1-3mm, or other sizes according to customer's request.

0-0.25mm: for in-mold inoculation (more accurate and more efficient)

0.2-1 mm: for inoculation with current (the control of inoculation amount is more accurate)

1-3mm and 3-8mm are used for in ladle inoculation (the incubation time must be controlled above 70% of tapping time)

8-15mm for inoculation in furnace.


25kg/50kg/1mt/1.25mt PP bag


BRIGHT ALLOYS ferrosilicon barium mold powder packing(1MT)