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Ferro Silicon Magnesium

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Alloy is a very important additive in the metallurgy industry. FeSiMg Alloy, sometimes it contains Rare Earth to become Rare Earth. It is also called a nodulizer or nodulant. FeSiMg or FeSiMgRE can promote graphite crystallization into spheroidization and increase spherical graphite.


Ferro Silicon Magnesium Alloy is a very important additive in the metallurgy industry. FeSiMg Alloy, sometimes it contains Rare Earth to become Rare Earth. It is also called a nodulizer or nodulant. FeSiMg or FeSiMgRE can promote graphite crystallization into spheroidization and increase spherical graphite.


The strength of spheroidized ductile iron is significantly higher than that of gray cast iron, and its toughness is better than that of malleable cast iron while maintaining a series of other advantages of gray cast iron. Meanwhile, it also has the functions of degassing, desulfurization, and deoxidation. 





Promote the formation of spheroidal graphite in molten iron, effectively improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, and especially improve the plasticity and toughness of castings, making cast iron stronger than ordinary carbon steel.


Suppresses the effect of anti-spheroidizing interference elements. When the Ferro Silicon Magnesium spheroidizing agent contains rare earth, the sulfides, and oxides have high stability and small particle size, making it difficult to float in molten iron.

Used as additives and alloying agents in the production of steel and iron. Ferro Silicon Magnesium plays the role of desulfurization and deoxidation in molten iron. Used for refining, deoxidation, denaturation, neutralization of harmful impurities with low melting points, and solid solution alloying to form new metal compounds and purify steel;