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Ferrochrome is a kind of ferroalloy, it mainly consists of chromium and iron elements. Its other names include ferrochrome Ferro Chrome LC FeCr. Generally, ferrochrome contains 50-70% Cr by weight


Ferrochrome is a kind of ferroalloy, it mainly consists of chromium and iron elements. Its other names include ferrochrome Ferro Chrome LC FeCr. Generally, ferrochrome contains 50-70% Cr by weight.


FeCr is produced through an electric furnace. There are 2 production methods. The first one is to use coke, quartz ore, or bauxite as materials. The second method uses silicon-chrome alloy and chromite and lime as materials. The production of silicon chromium is similar to the ferrosilicon method process.


Ferrochrome is divided into high carbon ferrochrome (including charging grade ferrochrome), medium carbon ferrochrome, low carbon ferrochrome, micro carbon ferrochrome, etc. This means HC, MC Ferrochrome Ferro chrome LC FeCr have different carbon contents. Other related models include silicon chromium alloy, ferrochrome nitride, etc.


Chromium is one of the important strategic materials. Its properties such as hardness, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance are particularly useful in the metallurgical industry, refractory materials, and chemical industry.


In the metallurgical industry, chromite is a raw material of ferrochrome alloys and metallic chromium. So, chromium ferroalloy is an additive to steel to produce a variety of special steels with high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, and oxidation resistance.